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Olesja Nikolenko

Olesja is a certified nail technician, studio Viis owner and a nail school Viis creator.

Started in year 2000 with education in Moscow Star Beauty Nail Academy. Took nail art courses also from Madelon (Russia), Kinetics (Estonia), E.Shanskaya (Russia), United Beauty (UK), Nfu.Oh (Korea) and was constantly self-educated.

Graduated in 2007 the Estonian University as a master painter, interior designer. Also graduated in 2007 as a Certificated Chromatics consultant.

Started teaching in 2003 in Tallinn, Estonia. Opened Viis nail art school and studio in 2007. In 2008 became a Sole Distributor of Nfu.Oh in Baltic region- Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

Olesja also is an owner and creator of the professional nail product brand Mosaic.

Competed in several nail art contests:
Athens 2008 year OMC - 1st place
Riga, Baltic beauty world nail art contest 2005 year – 2nd place
Estonian Nail ring 2004 year – 2nd place
Baltic Beauty hands 2009 - 1 place

Took place in Estonian nail art competition jury in 2008

Olesja students are working in Sweden, Finland, UK, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia.
Olesja works were published by famous nail magazines like NailPRO (US), Scratch (UK), Naglar I Norden (SE) and other not specialized in nails beauty Estonian magazines.


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