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Gel-paint design course. II level


Price: 175.00 EUR

Duration: 2 days Next course: 14-15.04.2014

Everything is possible now with the Gel-paint!

Upon completion of the course, we issue a Certificate

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phone: +372 600 98 48



Course will be very interesting for nail designers, who want to improve the professional design level with new, more complicated and unique techniques. And for those- who want to reach maximum in gel design, from realistic flowers to competition design works.


  1. Drawing basics with the gel-paint
  2. Lighting
  3. Stump
  4. Realistic flowers
  5. Flower compositions
  6. Backgrounds: pearl, hologramm, antique, semi-color
  7. Toning: vertical, diagonal, spotty
  8. Volume imitation in 1 layer
  9. Burberry style patterns
  10. Detailed drawings with the Gel-paint
  11. Design adds: spirals, curves, nets, smooth lines, leaves
  12. Fast flowers
  13. French variations
  14. Filling a finest elements with gel
  15. Transfer foil in gel-paint design

Sobolev Vladimir

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