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Acrylic nail extensions


Price: 450.00 EUR

Duration: 7 days (not running), You will complete 6 works: 3 extensions and 3 rebalances. Rebalance should be done after 2 weeks period.

For studying You need modell and a start kit. However, we can also provide a model and You have a chance to start working on a studio materials and buy a start kit later, or choose some other.

Upon completion of the course, we issue a Certificate

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phone: +372 600 98 48



The acrylic extension course will help You to understand the L&P specific and options, what will decrease You time of work and designs.


  1. Extension on tips
  2. Extension on nail vorms
  3. Nail bed extension
  4. French manicure
  5. Differences of correction
  6. Easy made design examples
  7. Combined technique (acrylic, gel)

Sobolev Vladimir

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